Precautionary/Voluntary Boil Advisory – December 30, 2015

Precautionary/Voluntary Boil Advisory – December 30, 2015


A Precautionary/Voluntary Boil Advisory is being issued on December 30, 2015 for the City of Geary water system. This precautionary/voluntary boil advisory was put in place at the request of the Oklahoma Department of Environment Quality this morning after we consulted with them about our recent water issues which were caused by the ice storm.

The City of Geary and Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality do not believe there are any problems with the City of Geary water supply, but as a precaution we are recommending you boil any tap water that is being used for human consumption. This advisory will remain in effect until further notice. 

The City of Geary is providing bottled water at the Geary Fire Department in limited quantities for women who are pregnant, children under 6 year of age, and the elderly. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Geary City Hall at (405) 884-5466 and they will answer your questions.

We appreciate your continued patience and cooperation. You are the reason we do the things we do for we are nothing without the citizens we serve.