Pet Licensing & Permits

Pet Licensing & Permits

Animal Control Miscellaneous Fees/Charges

Dog Impound Fee = $25 + $10 per day
Dog Tags (Required) = $3 for male or spayed female
                                                $5 for unspayed female
Animal Adoption Fee = $100 deposit which is refundable once the animal is spayed/neutered (veterinarian receipt required for refund). Other impoundment fees may be assessed.

Helpful City Ordinances

City Ordinance Section 4 - 120: Dogs to be Vaccinated

The owner of a dog shall have the dog vaccinated against rabies by a veterinarian every calendar year before the first day of June thereof; or, in the case of a pup, before it is six (6) months old. The person vaccinating the dog/pup shall furnish a certificate or statements of vaccination.

City Ordinance Section 4 - 121: Dog Registration (Tag)

A fee in such sum as set by the Council by motion or resolution for every dog more than six (6) months of age is hereby levied upon the owner of any such dog kept or harbored within the City.

The regulatory fee levied in this section shall not apply to a dog only temporarily brought and kept within the City, nor to a dog brought within the City to participate in a dog show; nor to a seeing eye dog when such dog is actually being used by a blind person to aid him in going from place to place; nor to dogs being kept in kennels or pet shops for sale.

  1. The owner shall pay the fee levied to the City's treasurer every calendar year withing thirty (30) days after acquiring or bringing the dog into the City. The licenses shall expire on June 1 next following the date of licensure. All dog registration licenses shall expire June 1st of each year.
  2. The person offering the fee shall present to the City the certificate of a veterinarian or other person legally authorized to immunize dogs, showing that the dog has been immunized against rabies during the preceding six (6) months prior to issuance of the license.
  3. The owner of the dog shall, at the time of paying the fee, register the dog by giving the owner's name and address, the dog's name, breed, color, and sex; and such other reasonable information as the City may request.
  4. The City thereupon shall deliver an original receipt to the owner and also an appropriate to him for the dog. The tag shall constitute a license for the dog.
  5. Dog tags are not transferable from one dog to another. No refunds shall be made on any dog license fee because of death of the dog or the owner's leaving the City before the expiration of the license period.

City Ordinance 1986 - 2

The license fee is $3.00 for male and spayed female dogs; $5.00 for unspayed female dogs; and $1.00 for duplicate licenses.

City Ordinance Section 4 - 102: Animals Running at Large Prohibited

The owner, keeper or other person having control of any animal other than cats shall keep such animal under restraint at all times and shall not permit such animal to be at large. This section applies to all animals, except cats, including but not limited to any cattle, horses, goats, sheep, mules, poultry, fowl, or bird.