Bulk Removal Updates

Bulk Removal Updates


The City of Geary has impletmented a set price for the removal of tree limbs from the right of way beginning May 25, 2021. The City will charge $20 per cubic yard of tree/limb debris removed by city staff from the right of way. As an example, a washing machine measures as three (3) cubic yards; so a pile of limbs the size of a washing machine would cost $60 to remove. Tree limbs must be cut into pieces no longer than one foot and piled in the right of way. City staff will not go onto private property to remove limbs. READ MORE

We also ask that you please do not pile limbs or other debris near gas or water meters. For those citizens wanting to save the fee, please contact City Hall to make arrangements for a city staff member to accompany you to the dump site where you can unload your limbs for free. Failure to make arrangements will result in a $500 fine. City Hall is open Moday to Friday from 8:30a to 4:30p and closed on all federal holidays.

You can also make arrangements with City Hall to dispose of metal appliances. While the bin is provided near the City's pool, a city staff member must be present at the time of each disposal. Leaving materials near the collection bin or randomly on City property may result in a fine of $500 for litering.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Jeff Choate, Public Works Director, at City Hall.