Animal Control

Animal Control


The Animal Control Department is
dedicated to:

  • Protecting the citizens of Geary from rabies

  • Reducing the incidence of animal-inflicted injuries
    promoting responsible pet ownership through
    public education

  • Enforcing animal control laws

The Animal Control Department


Sierra Thurman
Animal Control Enforcement

129 NW 5th St,
Geary, OK 73040

(405) 884-2167


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm 


Animal Control Miscellaneous Fees/Charges

Dog Impound Fee = $25 + $10 per day
Dog Tags (Required) = $3 for male or spayed female
                                                $5 for unspayed female
Animal Adoption Fee = $100 deposit which is refundable once the animal is spayed/neutered (veterinarian receipt required for refund). Other impoundment fees may be assessed.